Sunday, October 4, 2009


Flowers my sweet neighbor SD left in my bike basket on my first day of teaching

Well, I can't even tie this one in nicely with the changing of seasons, because autumn has already swept in, ushering summer well out the door. With autumn came the beginning of a new semester, one which piled an internship and teaching two sections of undergraduate composition on top of my regular classes. So adapting to the changes in my schedule, and to the relentless new demands of lesson planning, homework grading, paper grading, auditing, office hours, and otherwise keeping track of students' various needs has been…interesting. And by interesting I mean borderline insane.

So that's a brief explanation of why I've fallen off the face of the (blog) earth. There just hasn't been any time to write here, though I still faithfully take photos, swearing to myself I'll get to posting about them soon. The good news is: I am aiming to start putting in a post a week, so I'll only be two months behind, say, rather than three. In the meanwhile, you can catch a preview by looking at some photos from summer and the beginning of fall. And I promise, at some point, I will be back.