Friday, January 2, 2009

One year old

Some of you might recognize this cake; some of you might not. Whatever the case, the "yay" is up again because Salty/Savory/Sweet turned a year old today!


January 2008

Noodles and wontons with oyster sauce, Wonton Garden Mixed cold appetizer platter (large), Ali Baba Turkish Cuisine
"After a disappointing date…noodles"
"Turkish for twelve"

I've never had an "about" page or even a decent "hello, I'm beginning a blog" entry, so in honor of this anniversary, I'm going to finally give a proper introduction.

February 2008
Loaf B Pignoli Tart, La Guli
"So cute, I just wanna pinch its doughy little cheeks"
"Astoria, Astoria"


My name is Sarah. I'm twenty-eight years old, and I was born and raised in New York City, Queens. I'm a copyeditor, copywriter, proofreader, and jewelry crafter. I went to elementary school in Bayside, to high school on the Upper East Side, and to college in upstate New York. After graduation I worked as a paralegal for one year, followed by five years of working for a book publisher of sci fi and fantasy. I currently reside in Northern Colorado, where I am a graduate student in fiction.

March 2008
Ooooze. IMG_1917.JPG
"A Swiss fulfilled"
"Noods, 'cukes, and nori"

Uhh…I don't know what else to say without sounding like either a personal ad or a job interview, so I'm going to skip on. Yes? Okay.

April 2008
IMG_3158.JPG IMG_3838.JPG
"Two Chicks in the Big Easy: Beignet…done that"
"A socks-rockin salad-off"

Because of my upbringing I've always been enthusiastic about food, but it wasn't until a summer just before my junior year of college that I started becoming more discerning about what I was eating.

May 2008

Baozi, freshly steamed Lengua taco
"Mantou and baozi shifu"
"In which I ♥ NY (More Than Ever): Third Floor, and Sunnyside taco-ing"

Then, I was temping as a receptionist at a real estate company, but the phone hardly ever rang. For the first few weeks I basically twiddled my thumbs—until I realized I could use the computer to surf the internet.

June 2008
IMG_4312.JPG IMG_5274.JPG
"Bright-eyed in Brighton Beach: Cafe Kashkar, M&I International Foods, La Brioche"
"Crabbing on rice at Imperial Palace"

I came across Chowhound, then in its earliest form of sprawling message boards in plain text. There I found an entire community of people hell-bent on finding the best and tastiest the city had to offer, and as I read more and more I realized how exciting and meaningful food could be, and how much better I could strive to make my every experience with it.

July 2008
IMG_6056.JPG Daikon and fried baby sardine salad, Sake Bar Hagi
"I heart outdoor food: Brooklyn Flea and New Amsterdam Market"
"One day in June…"

My awareness of what I was and could be eating skyrocketed, and hasn't dwindled ever since. When food blogs started blossoming all over the web, I became an avid fan. Not only were there words, but now there were pictures! I considered starting one of my own, but it was always just a passing thought.

August 2008
IMG_6503.JPG IMG_6325.JPG
"Pio Pio: Roasted chicken for giant appetites"
"Kimbap and calamari on the Fourth of July"

But fast forward to last January, when I found myself with free time for the first time in months. I seized the moment. At first I figured a blog would be just a way to keep track of recipes and memorable meals, but it quickly turned into a way of noting the big and small events of my life, with food as both the subject and the vehicle for my memories.

September 2008
IMG_6829 IMG_7348
"From Jersey to the Bronx: Mitsuwa and Lobster Box"
"In the Catskills, the end draws near"

A lot has happened for me this year, almost all of which I've managed to note in this blog. In April, I realized I was going to bid farewell to New York City for a while. In May, I swapped roommates. In June, I was a bridesmaid for my friend's wedding, which also led to an unexpected meeting. In July, I left my job of five years. And in August, I moved out to Fort Collins to pursue an MFA degree in Creative Writing/Fiction.

October 2008
New Belgium Skinny Dip IMG_8001
"Tour de Fat: A beer-fueled bike festival"
"A very merry broccoli salad"

The last few months have contained bits and pieces of my adjustment from living in NYC to living in Northern Colorado, from being a nine-to-fiver to being graduate student, from living with roommates to living alone, from eating out a lot to mostly cooking at home.

November 2008
IMG_9407 IMG_9545
"Eats from around the globe at the World Unity Fair"
"The Gas Station Chronicles: Caribbean Food Shack"

Most, if not all of it, has been pretty good. All in all, 2008, you were a pretty decent one.

December 2008
IMG_9769 IMG_0264
"A visitor in town: Thanksgiving, away from home"
"Cutting the cake"

So thanks, everyone, for reading, and for continuing to read. Knowing you guys are out there is what makes this blog worthwhile. As for the coming year—well, I have no promises except to keep writing until I make it to the next one.

I hope that isn't more than I can chew.

Cheers everyone, and happy grubbin' in the new year!


  1. Happy New Year! Nice to "meet" you. And nice to see that you're making the most of your time in semi-small-town Colorado, which has to be quite the culture shock after NYC.

  2. Thanks Kitt! Nice to "meet" you too :)

  3. Happy New Year and Happy Blog-Birthday!

  4. Happy New Year and keep on posting!

  5. Rachel and Gastro888, happy new year! Thanks for reading :)

  6. Happy blogaversary! And happy new year as well. I've learned a lot via reading food blogs, including your own, and can't wait to learn more :)

  7. oh man, when you said "unexpected meeting" i thought you was talking about me...darn.

  8. great recap, looking forward to another year of great food, photography, recipes and travel.

  9. Congratulations on a great year of blogging!