Thursday, February 21, 2008

Astoria, Astoria

Astoria Park
Last Sunday I spent a lazy afternoon walking around my 'hood, making my way from my apartment all the way up to the Ditmars area, stopping at Astoria Park along the way.
Pignoli tart
I wandered around for several hours, moseying down new streets, taking photos, and cooing at the dogs I saw at Bugsy's dog run. After all that I got hungry, so at Ditmars I looked around for something interesting I could bring back to my apartment for dinner. I passed up a cannoli from one of my favorite bakeries, Rose and Joe's, in favor of a small pignoli tart from La Guli.
Later, spotting the grand opening banners at Parrot Coffee Market, I wandered into what turned out to be a new international grocery, full of all sorts of interesting European imports. The friendly woman behind the counter urged me to sample a piece of their freshly made pistachio Turkish delight. It was delish…I can totally see why Edmund sold out to the White Witch.
Cheese bourek, Parrot Coffee
I was tempted to buy some, but as I already had the pignoli tart I went with a slice of their cheese bourek.
I also picked up these tubes of "Krabben" and "Kaviar" creme (maybe I should spell it "kreme") for LB and JL. Then, too lazy to make the walk home, I hopped on the N train back to my apartment.
It was a fine afternoon.


  1. woah ... how is the kaviar kreme? is it like fish roe ez-cheez?

  2. You're like 70% lower body in that last shot!

  3. I AM actually 70% lower body. Let me tell you, it's hell finding pants.

  4. Mmmmm.... we should take a walk together sometime.
    Thanks for the linkage!