Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Bánh mì be mine

From the outside, Sau Voi Corporation looks like store full of bric-a-brac, but inside, they sell a mean bánh mì.
Bahn mi dac biet, Sau Voi Corporation
I've grown fond of the sandwiches at this place because of the layer of dark, peppery pâté they include in their version—and also because of its proximity to the train station. Yes, there might better elsewhere, but whenever I crave bánh mì and don't feel like venturing too far into Chinatown, I make a quick stop here.


  1. any sandwich w/ three different types of pork must be good.

  2. I think I could write a whole page about that sandwich...

  3. yo those are mad good. but they stink. and yes i realize the hypocrisy of a korean person complaining about stinky food. i bought some of these delish sandwiches in san fran for the long plane ride home cause cheapass airlines don't serve food for free anymore and i got lots of upturned noses and dirty looks.

  4. this *was* a standby but . . . I dunno. I'd still walk the extra 3-4 blocks to banh mi so no. 1. after all, as denis points out, it has 3 types of pork, each fattier than the next.

  5. Where's Banh Mi So No. 1?

    And dude, your sandwich looks WAYYY better than mine. Mine was flat and floppy. Come on. Ridiculous.

  6. Banh Mi So. 1 was at Mott and Broome (I think) but has since changed hands, or at least, they go by a different name now, Saigon Banh Mi So. 1. I remember it being really good years ago, but when I had it last (about a year back) it was just okay.