Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Gas Station Chronicles: Caribbean Food Shack

This is the Caribbean Food Shack, but it ain't just any old shack. This shack happens to be located inside a gas station in Fort Collins, CO.
What's with the combo gas stations in this town?
(And why are so few gas stations in general open after 10pm?)
If the food weren't any good, it wouldn't matter where this shack was located. But judging from the "combo pie" I sampled, the Caribbean Food Shack is definitely a keeper. The seasoned mashed potato and ground beef came piping hot inside a crisp, freshly fried shell, and the Angela's "Trini Style" Hot Sauce and tamarind chutney that came with it were fine, flavorful additions.
Most days they seem to stop serving food around 7 pm, so for late-night cravings this is not your spot. For all other times, though, this is one of the more unique offerings in town. I'm definitely going back to try their other items, especially their much-touted BakeNShark sandwich: "Fried shark stuffed in tasty fried bake bread and filled with crispy Chow Slaw and covered in our fresh sweet Cocktail Sauce." Yes, please.


  1. It was! And surprisingly un-greasy, too.

  2. Try their chili with cornbread.... it's a killer! Yum!

  3. try the roti sandwich, it's authentic, delicious, and extremely filling. in fact there is no bad food there. i eat there all the time.

  4. Hmm...looks like I'm going to be making multiple visits.

  5. Funny how you can't distinguish the different anonymous posters ;) I am anon.1 and salute anon.2 in his/her view. There is a growing group of regulars there. I am a big guy and often can't finish the roti, it's so much... My fav is definitely the chili, an

  6. ...and the catfish sandwich

  7. Well, they left the gas station. And now they are cheaper, with special deals, meaning the Aloo, Combo, and Double are only a dollar monday tuesday. Its an incredible place.

    I agree with anon.1 and anon.2, as anon.3