Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Advocating avocado maki

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I don't usually have so many avocados around, but they were selling for fifty cents apiece at Sunflower Farmer's Market (my favorite grocery store here, and a decent stand-in for Trader Joe's), so I couldn't resist buying a few. One went into tuna-avocado salad, but a person can only eat so much tuna. I was trying to figure out how I wanted to consume the other one when I realized I had nori in the pantry and some cooked rice in the fridge. Decision made: avocado maki.

I made just two small rolls. First, I cut a full sheet of nori in two. To make sushi rice, I added rice vinegar and a bit of sugar to about five ounces of heated short-grain rice, mixing until it cooled again. Then I sliced one half of a Hass avocado into thick wedges. That's pretty much all the preparation I did for the ingredients.

To make a roll, I spread half the sushi rice over the half-sheet of nori, lay out avocado in a strip across it, and used my fingers to press it all into a tube. I didn't have a rolling mat so they came out a little loose, but hey, no one was eating it but me. That's one of the great benefits of cooking and eating alone, you know—if you mess it up, no one has to know.

Except when I post my messes across the internet.
So they weren't the prettiest of specimens, but they tasted good. Let's just call them "rustic," hmmm?
I ate the other half of the avocado the next day, paired with swiss cheese and Branston Pickle on crusty (okay, slightly burnt) homemade bread. It was delicious, man!


  1. Those look like pretty nice rolls to me! Love avocado. I would do a cucumber wrapper, though.

    Thanks for stopping by the other day. Let me know how your bread experiments turn out!

  2. Kitt, thanks for the encouragement on my clumsy avocado rolls! Cucumber is a good idea.

  3. I loooove avocado. Your rolls look beautiful and not "rustic" at all!

  4. Thanks gaga! They're a good thing to make when you have an avocado handy.