Thursday, January 31, 2008

These are just not photogenic.

IMG_0517.JPGThese ended up as dry, cakey cookies, pleasant enough, though I was hoping for more along the lines of crisp and slightly chewy as in the description. Mine also don't look nearly as dark as the ones pictured along with the recipe.

I'm guessing at least some of these issues are because I used unsweetened cocoa that was not dutch-processed. The recipe didn't indicate which kind to use and as dutch-processed cocoa is usually specifically called for, I assumed it was the former or that it didn't matter. However, in hindsight I realize that as the recipe used baking powder the writer might have meant to specify the latter? Certainly the difference in color is due to this reason, but I'm wondering if the difference in acidity is why they ended up more cake-like and dry also.

Finally, the dough was super sticky and didn't slice neatly at all despite sitting for two hours in the freezer. I had to manipulate the dough blobs with my fingers to keep them presentable.

I have more dough sitting in the freezer and I'm going to see if freezing overnight will take care of the stickiness issue. I'm also going to bake these cookies for a shorter time, maybe 9–10 minutes instead of 12, in an effort to keep the rest from being as dry.

"Intensely Dark Chocolate Icebox Cookies," Coconut & Lime

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