Friday, November 14, 2008

Eats from around the globe at the World Unity Fair

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Had I arrived six minutes earlier, I would have made it to the computer lab before it closed. But I didn't.

With five or six things things to print out and my work at a standstill without them, I was mighty cranky. So I decided to make my trip onto campus worthwhile by going to the World Unity Fair being held in the student center.
Boy am I glad I did. For four dollars I received five tickets, which I could trade for several of the many entrees, desserts, and beverages prepared by student cultural groups across campus. Two tickets to the Libyan Students Association got me a sizable bowl of couscous, beef and potato curry, and pickled chilis. It was delicious.
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One ticket handed over to the Taiwanese Community Association got me a huge rectangle of baked sesame-covered mochi cake with red bean paste tucked in the middle, and another at the Czech Republic Students table got me two wedges of dense, moist yogurt cake, one with apricot and the other with sour cherry. I didn't mean to get two desserts, but I spotted the mochi cake after the yogurt cake and couldn't resist. I love that stuff!
With only one ticket left, I didn't have enough for another entree (which was a shame, because the Saudi Student House was serving up a kickass-looking chicken and rice dish) so I went with a cup of bubble tea from the Taiwanese Student Association. The sweet, milky tea and chewy tapioca balls really hit the spot. I was so full after the couscous and bubble tea that I took the desserts home, but I definitely enjoyed them the next day!

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