Friday, August 22, 2008

I'm here, I'm here

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Yes. I made it to Fort Collins, and have been here for several days now trying to get settled in. I flew in with two suitcases and a backpack, and on the way managed to get a free round-trip ticket to anywhere in the US by volunteering to give up my seat for one on a flight an hour later. And though it took some huffing and puffing, I still made my originally scheduled shuttle bus which would take me from the Denver airport to campus. Score.
On my first and second day here CH was nice enough to take me grocery shopping, both at King Soopers (a local supermarket) and at a huge Vietnamese grocery an hour away in Denver, followed by a massive trip to Target for apartment needs. My place had come furnished, thankfully, but was still missing all the little things: the lamps, the bathmats, the shoe racks, the bowls and plates. I think I blew nearly 250 bucks on groceries and about 400 at Target…brutal but necessary, I suppose.
I did pretty well though, don't you think? Since I don't have a car, I figured I should stock up on as much as I could while someone was driving. So now I've got rice, and noodles, and sauces and snacks and pickley things, and a whole bunch of whatever else caught my eye that day. I've got eggs and produce in the fridge and another cabinet full of condiments. I just hope I can make everything last.
Because honestly, I don't fancy the walk needed to make it to the nearest supermarket. I tried it a few days ago and it's about 1.5 miles, mostly on this road above…gone are the days of popping into a bodega for a lime, an onion. The walk is alright once or twice for novelty, but until I get myself a bike (soon) I don't think I'll go for it again. And who knows when I'll make it into Denver again for the Asian goods?
What I've been eating for lunch these days: fried eggs with oyster sauce over rice. There's some cut-up broccoli hidden under there.

So I'm thinking that the nature of my posts is going to be quite different. Lots more home cooking, far less eating out. Which is all well and good I suppose, since I was getting just a wee bit indulgent with restaurant-hopping in NYC. I've still got a backlog of posts which I'll finish up, but after that…we'll see what this graduate student life holds in store for me.

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  1. hey good luck! i'll let you know the next time i'm in CO. you gotta buy a bike!