Monday, December 29, 2008

Seva, "mmm" or "hmm"?

With as many restaurants as New York City has on offer, it takes a lot for me to go to any one place regularly. But my first lunch at Seva, as you might remember, had me heading right back shortly after, and both times I had meals that tickled the ol' buds in a way that had me really missing the place once I got to Colorado and there was nothing but heavier (though still good) Indian food in supply. So Seva was the natural choice for TL and I to eat dinner before we headed into Manhattan to catch a performance of Avenue Q (which was hilarious and awesome, by the way).

At the restaurant, I think I was as happy to see the owner there as he was to see us. He greeted the two of us with warmth—remembering our previous visits effortlessly—and midway through our meal he even brought over complimentary mango lassis. TL and I went with the set menu as usual, which for dinner meant an appetizer, an entree, and a dessert for twelve bucks. TL picked a veggie samosa for his appetizer and above is a shot of the lamb spring roll I chose, which was a tasty pile of ground, spiced lamb wrapped in a chewy thin dough and fried. There was a crunchy coating to the outside too, which added extra textural interest. As for our entrees, we had chicken korma and chicken saag, and the owner made sure the latter wasn't too spicy this time. Dessert was gulab jamun and kheer, both of which were pretty good.

I hate to say it, but something about this meal was a little off this time around. The breast meat in the curries seemed just a touch too dry, and the onion paratha we added on had clearly been overcooked and the charred edges hacked off with a knife. Discussion on Chowhound seems to indicate some others also feel like the quality has gone down—so what's the deal, Seva? Please keep being magical and not mediocre; you're my only hope!

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