Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Stars for Star of India

I get these little packs of coupons in the mail every once in a while, and every single one of them seems to contain a coupon for Star of India. NH had been talking about craving Indian food, and when several classmates and I went to see a university performance of Street Scene: An American Opera, we decided to hit up the restaurant beforehand and take advantage of the discount.

The menu is pretty extensive, with some dishes that I hadn't seen before. I stuck with my ol' standard though, lamb shahi korma: "Curry with coconut flakes and coconut milk, almonds, raisins, and cashews." It was rich and creamy and flavorful, and the lamb was tender.
I had a piece of NH's chicken tikka, which was alright. The breast meat was a little cottony and could have have more flavor, but it wasn't bad. And when I sampled a bunch of other people's dishes I found nearly everything tasty. They weren't light Indian curries, like the ones at Seva, but they were still really good. Everyone seemed happy with their choices.
Afterwards, at Street Scene: An American Opera, there was a whole song praising the joys of ice cream. Guess what I walked out of there craving?

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