Sunday, July 3, 2011

Earth Day at the Fort Collins Food Co-op

The temperatures had dropped and the wind was chilly, but the cold didn't stop a group from gathering on the street in front of the Fort Collins Food Co-op all afternoon in celebration of Earth Day. After lunch with SD and CH, we showed up just in time to hear Edgewater Juke performing a lively set of rock and roll, blues, and modern groove, a six-man band that managed to transform a whole sidewalk into a party.
Between sets I picked up a bag of these wild rice sesame sticks from the Co-op, which proved themselves to be instantly addictive. They're the kind of snack that pretends to be healthy, what with its wild rice and all, but are really just toasty, crunchy, throw-'em-down-by-the-handful junk food. Find them in the bulk section at Sunflower Market, if you happen to be far from the Co-op, but be warned: I can't stop eating them, and you might not be able to either.
Music, sun, and snacks—we might have frozen a little out there that afternoon, but Earth Day, I'm glad to report, was still celebrated with style. Hooray Edgewater Juke and the other participants that day!

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