Sunday, January 20, 2008

Not-really Moroccan

Baked for SYB's (North African) Potluck. I went around calling these "Moroccan Date Cookies" as that is what the recipe description indicated, but I altered these so much who knows what they ought to really be called?

I used dates, almonds, cashews (no walnuts or dried apricots), and embedded whole cashews on top for decoration. The procedure for baking these cookies and their appearance was more like biscotti than I had anticipated—I was envisioning something more like a shortbread. Because of this, I was disappointed when these cookies first came out of the oven, but then after they had cooled overnight, I discovered they were utterly addictive. They were dense, moist, chunky, fragrant with nuts and dried dates, and not too sweet.

These are the slightly burnt ones; forgot to photograph the nicer ones before giving them away.
Based on:
Sefrou Apricot (Galettes Sucrees)

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