Friday, March 14, 2008

But before shabu, there were two stops

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I had some time to kill before dinner at Minni's, and I ended up moseying around Hong Kong Supermarket. I always find grocery stores amusing, and I especially enjoy poking around the Asian ones. Since I was about to go eat, I didn't buy much here, just some wasabi for my soba and a few heads of baby bok choy, which I like steaming and drizzling with ponzu as a simple veggie side dish (another idea from SO).
On the way out, I stopped at Fay Da Bakery (which has just opened a branch in Forest Hills). As it was the end of the day there wasn't much left, but I picked out two items to bring home.
I'd never seen a roll like this in a Chinese bakery. I had no idea what was inside; I asked the woman at the counter, but she just shrugged her shoulders and said, "egg." When I ate it the next day, it turned out to be a dryish, slightly fried round bread that had been wrapped around takuan, rousong, egg, lettuce, and a bit of sweet mayonnaise. I wasn't too impressed, but to be fair, I was eating it a day later and it probably would have tasted better fresh.
I also got a roast pork triangle. I love these, but never eat them because they're pretty heavy. This one was okay; it was a little too sweet and the crust wasn't as flaky as I would have liked. And I should have put it in the toaster oven beforehand, I think.

I usually stick to Manna House or Tai Pan for Chinese baked goods, and so far Fay Da hasn't made me change my mind. I'm always down to eat a bun or two in the name of research, though.

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  1. Fay Da! That was my favourite bakery when I lived in New York. Oh, the memories of their delicious curry puffs and soy milk.