Thursday, March 20, 2008

A chicken in every pot

The Green Table
Before my appointment at Bumble and Bumble a few weeks ago, SYB met up with me to wander around Chelsea, where we dipped into various bakeries for a gander before heading over to Chelsea Market to have dinner. We didn't have anyplace specific in mind; after trying unsuccessfully to dine at Ronnybrook Milk Bar (their kitchen was closed) we settled on Cleaver Co.'s The Green Table, where we ordered both varieties of their pot pie to share.
Chicken pot pie, The Green Table
I was charmed by the cute little cutout decorating the crust of their chicken pot pie; the pastry itself bordered on tough, though. The pie was filled with nice big chunks of tender meat, and tarragon added a complementary herbal note. Pretty tasty overall.
Mushroom Pot Pie, The Green Table Mushroom pot pie, The Green Table
The mushroom pot pie was good too, just not as good as the chicken. I liked the whole wheat crust (alas, no cute mushroom cutout atop this one), but the filling was rich and salty, and got tiring after a while. I ate about a third and SYB polished off the rest.

Everything was fresh and flavorful, which is to be expected given the restaurant's philosophy. Their pot pies are also available frozen for takeout and wholesale orders.


  1. how much was the potpie????


  2. Hmm, I think they were each $12? And for takeout they were something like $7-8.

  3. Um yummmmmmmmmmmmm! I love pot pies! I love your blog too! I have my own food blog, but it sure isn't as impressive as yours!!!! Keep up the good work , I am a happy reader!

  4. Thanks for your comment! I'm so glad to hear from happy readers!