Monday, March 24, 2008

New Orleans! Suggestions?

Just a quickie: I am going to New Orleans tomorrow, and will be there for the next week! I've never been before, but I am sooo looking forward to the eats. So all those knowledgeable, what are some of the must-haves?

(Zach, I'm looking at you. Your posts from Jazz Fest last year made me drool!)


  1. Mandina's on Canal

    Parkway Bakery in Mid City

    Napoleon House's Muffeletta in the Quarter

  2. Zach@MidtownLunchMarch 25, 2008 at 7:28 AM

    wow... where to start. Do you have a car? If you do, leave the french quarter for much better food.

    if you're renting a car at the airport, your first stop should be Harbor Seafood. Nothing spectacular, but you can get some great raw oysters and boiled crawfish at much cheaper prices than in town- and it's right near the airport.

    Jacques Imo's, Upperline, Dick & Jenny's. Lunch at Crabby Jack's. A slice of chocolate pecan pie (grilled on the flat top where the cook they bacon) at Camilia Grille.

    If you like pig, Cochon is hands down one of my new favorite restaurants (in any city, not just New Orleans).

    If you are confined to the quarter, Bayona is the best. Acme Oyster House is fine, albeit touristy. And of course, Cafe du Monde. Don't settle for any imitators.

    Enjoy! Can't wait to see the report...

  3. Stella! is one of the best restaurants down there right now. Also love Port of Call for a great burger and baked potato and a Monsoon. Also agree on Bayona.

  4. I've never been to New Orleans but I hope the Jacques Imo's down there isn't like the one in NY - not too impressive.

    Bring me back some food!

  5. Emeril's original restaraunt is in N'awlins and he's there a lot. Good food but his desserts are worth it alone. Antoine's is the oldest restaurant there I believe - food is good, but the decor is amazing. Coffee and beignets at Cafe du monde!

  6. I just remembered! Commander's Palace! Definitely worth it - loved everything I had there.

  7. FARK I hope you went to Mother's.

  8. Thanks so much for your suggestions, everyone!