Thursday, May 1, 2008

(B)ad thai at Bennie's Thai Cafe

A plate of pad thai from the spacious, below-street-level restaurant Bennie's Thai Cafe, where I dropped in for a quick meal before hitting up First Saturdays at the Brooklyn Museum and the ©MURAKAMI exhibit.

Though inexpensive and generously portioned, this version suffered from all the hallmarks of typical New York City Thai: poorly balanced, one-dimensional flavor, wet and gloppy noodles, way too much sugar. I had long ago stopped ordering pad thai in this city because it's almost always terrible (I stick to pad see-ew instead, which seems to be less-often mangled), and this only reconfirmed my belief. Even the excellent Sripraphai's version of the dish is not that great.

If someone—anyone—knows where to get good pad thai in NYC, pass on the word!


  1. Looks great, what a nice picture you got of the dish!

  2. Totally agree, no good Pad Thai in NY.