Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Soul Fixins': Chicken for the comic-weary

After several hours gallivanting around New York Comic Con (where I posed next to The Hulk, got decontaminated, bought several tee-shirts, and acquired a new toy for my collection), TC, DL, and I walked over to Soul Fixins' for some non-comic sustenance. According to DL, who has had to suffer through many an expo at the Javits, this restaurant is pretty much the only place to get a good meal in the area.

And a good meal it was: the smothered chicken was juicy, the huge portion of mashed potatoes impossibly buttery and smooth, and the sweet, tangy collard greens meltingly tender. The fat square of cornbread was moist and pleasantly rough-textured. This tiny place would hold its own in any part of the city, not just that far-west food wasteland.

I had been eying the wedges of red velvet cake sitting on the counter, but after tackling that enormous plate, there was no way. Instead, having been joined by RH and LT, we made our way across the street to see Forgetting Sarah Marshall instead, all of us happily stuffed.

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  1. Agreed: Soul Fixins' is one of the few palatable options in the area. Used to be that one could get a decent burger at Cheyenne Diner on 33rd/Ninth, but no more...