Monday, April 14, 2008

(Park) Slope Day: DUB Pies and Terrace Bagels

After BH's potluck brunch, I took a stroll around her neighborhood. There was a period of time where I used to hang out in Park Slope a lot, but it had been a while since I had last wandered around.
IMG_1843.JPG Terrace Bagels
I was stuffed from brunch, but at Terrace Bagels, one of my favorite bagel places, I couldn't resist picking up an everything bagel for later.
Everything bagel, Terrace Bagels
I know their doughy, oversized orbs aren't very authentic, but that's exactly the way I like 'em, especially the paler ones. With bagels, I have a fondness for their soft, undercooked sides where they've touched their neighbors, and the chewy edges of their holes in the center. No crusty, extra dark bagels for me.
IMG_1855.JPG IMG_1881.JPG
A block later I saw DUB Pies ("Down Under Bakery Pies"), a tiny, hip-looking shop at the western corner of Prospect Park. While I was checking out their selection, the girl behind the counter asked me if I wanted a soy hot chocolate on the house.
Soy hot chocolate, Dub Pies
Non-Asian-style soy milk isn't really my thing—which I reconfirmed in my first few sips—but it wasn't bad. There was still the aftertaste I don't like, but all the sugar and chocolate in there went a long way towards masking it.
Chicken and steak mini pies, Dub Pies
I picked up a steak mini pie and a chicken mini pie, which I had the next day after heating them in the toaster oven. They had pretty good flavor, the steak being better than the chicken, but both were terribly dried out. I'm not sure if this is because I didn't eat them fresh or because this is just how they end up after sitting under heat lamps all day. At $1.50 each (I think), the mini pies were a fairly expensive couple of bites too. For 80 cents I would have been just as happy with a curried meat pie from a Chinese bakery.

And if they look big in the photo, here are the pies next to an alligator for some comparison:
Well, maybe that doesn't help much.


  1. they do look huge compared to the alligator haha

  2. when i see meat pies, all i can think about is sweeney todd. and yet, that doesn't make them unappetizing to me...

  3. I was just Googling the pie shop (I work there) and found this... and wanted to let you know, the small pies ARE expensive (not that I said so) but if you're going to bake any pies the next day, we have unbaked versions of everything in the fridge. The stuff in the warmer only tastes good for a few hours after it's taken out.

  4. where'd you get that alligator?? i have the same one at home, i think i got mine at some upper west side bar years ago

  5. Xiu, sadly, they're only about two inches across.

    Uhh...Jian, should I be worried?

    Pie shop worker, thanks for the info! I will remember that should I be in the area again.

    Ben, the alligator is Amy's, no idea where she got it from.

  6. I can't really tell how big they are but $1.50 doesn't seem expensive until you compare it to stuff from Chinatown...which isn't fair because then everything is expensive.

  7. This place has the worst service in the world. If you don't want to eat there (which is hard to do when they have three tables the size of toadstools) delivery may never arrive. They don't seem to care either way. Left a bad taste.