Wednesday, May 28, 2008

No fame, but the lemons were sweet

Miracle berry
Today my friend DL is in the New York Times! Sadly, though they took a bunch of photos of both of us, I was not. Aside from the top half of my face showing for about a second in the background of the video.

There will be a post about this party forthcoming, just probably not soon. I mean, I just finally got around to writing about Mother's Day fer godsake.


  1. !! i just watched the video on the nyt. i couldn't believe it. i'm excited to hear your take on "the miracle fruit!"

  2. is that a miracle fruit? we just tried them in tokyo at molecular bar. so cool!

  3. hehe thanks "chicago." and yes it's miracle fruit!

  4. I got mine from Miracle Fruit World , and lemons really taste sweet! I used some of their recipes as well; superb customer service! Highly recommended! Enjoy