Thursday, June 12, 2008

No panchan for royalty at Sura: The King's Meal

Sura: The King's Meal seemed sort of muted for a Korean restaurant; there was no clashing of serving spoons and bbq grills, no untamed assortment of panchan, and no harried but efficient servers. Instead, there was a rustic, sexy atmosphere, a careful roll of kimchi presented on a small white dish, and serene waitresses dressed in hanboks. Not much to say about my hwe deopbap (Korean sashimi bowl) above, except that it was good; I dig this stuff in general. Like cold soba and chirashi, this is a dish I find refreshing, satisfying, light, and super flavorful at once, and something about hwe deopbap's combination of rice, sashimi, assorted slivers of veg, and sweet, spicy gochujang in particular never fails to hit the spot.

I was a little disappointed about DW and MW not being able to sample a bunch of panchan, but at least there was kimchi, so that's that. If you want to take someone on a Korean food date, this might be a good spot.


  1. well that looks delicious... but i don't know, i like my smorgasbord of banchan.