Sunday, June 29, 2008

An intense chocolate cakelet at Bouchon Bakery

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With time to kill before meeting up with DL, I stopped in at Bouchon Bakery for a cup of coffee and got sidetracked by their display of pastries. No one is surprised, I assume.
I ended up with a chocolate bouchon and a madeleine, both of which were heavier creatures than they first appeared to be. The bouchon was a inky little cork studded with dark chocolate chips, something between a brownie and a flourless chocolate cake; despite its density it melted on my tongue, surprising me with its intense, fudgy sweetness. As for the madeleine, it was better than the one I had in New Orleans, but I wasn't all that wowed. Next time, a macaron.

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  1. don't do it. the macaron. not worth it. love the bouchon tho. the nutterbutter is worth is as well as any donut they have on the weekend