Monday, August 25, 2008

An alluring burrito at Elora's

It's a terrible photo, I know, but this is the best damn burrito ever, and I had to share. Above is an "Elora's Burrito" from Elora's, a Mexican/Spanish restaurant in Park Slope. DT and I had walked in just ten or fifteen minutes before the place was about to close, soaked from being outside in the rain during the Feist concert at the Prospect Park Bandshell, and luckily weren't turned away. In fact, we were ushered in and warmly greeted.
And it could have been the three or four beers we each had during the concert, but everything was especially delicious that night, including the quesadilla that we split, above.
Elora's Burrito is stuffed with rice, refried beans, large pieces of snappy shrimp, and chunks of cauliflower and broccoli—and doused with a thin, creamy, completely addictive white sauce. I have no idea what was in that sauce (crack?) but I couldn't get enough of it. Even after that initial quesadilla and many, many tortilla chips, I wanted to eat that burrito until I burst. As for DT, after one bite of the burrito he pretty much abandoned his entire order of carnitas in order to dig into my plate.

We ate quickly despite the assurances of our server, who even as the place closed up around us was extremely gracious and urged us not to worry, that we could take our time and that they would take care of us. Needless to say, we left a large tip, grateful for Elora's hospitality and nearly giddy from one of the best (and unusual) burritos either of us had ever tasted.


  1. did you know the burrito is not mexican in origin? it's actually southwest american.