Monday, September 1, 2008

Amazing 66, up close and personal

Today's post is brought to you by XTREEEME CLOSEUPS.

Here is an XTREEEME CLOSEUP of the barbecued honey quail TL and I had at Amazing 66, a restaurant I've written about twice before. Originally I hadn't wanted one, but though on the menu the little birds were listed at three dollars apiece, an order required a minimum of two. I'm glad it worked out that way. Crunchy and sweet, they nearly verged on addictive.
An XTREEEME CLOSEUP of the braised bean curd with mushrooms and snow peas, which was delicious.
The fresh oyster with ginger and scallion casserole, which I'd ordered at the New Year's feast and loved, was XTREEEMELY hot, arriving to our table with the oil still bubbling in the dish. It took a good ten minutes (with TL holding up his napkin so we wouldn't get spattered) before it calmed down enough for us to dip in our chopsticks. Unfortunately, until then I hadn't realized just how much oil was in that dish (practically enough to deep-fry the starch-coated oysters) and though the flavor was good, once I started eating I quickly grew weary of the grease.
Is this starting to look like too much food? Well, you're right. But nonetheless here's an XTREEEME CLOSEUP of our e-fu noodles with crab meat, which while oily, hit all the right marks of bouncy, chewy noodle and good flavor. There was a decent amount of real crab in this one, too—we were on a string of luck with our crab dishes.
Don't worry, we took home leftovers, leaving room for this sweet tapioca soup (gratis), a welcome change from the customary sweet red bean soup.

The end and thanks for reading, from your devoted eaters at XTREEEME CLOSEUPS.


  1. you know what that soup was called? I love tapioca, in any form...and if I knew what it was called, I could probably convince my (Chinese) MIL to make it for me! (I clicked over to your blog through Serious Eats. Your dinner looks amazing!)

  2. I think it was a mung bean-tapioca soup...the texture was a little grainy. It was quite refreshing after that meal!