Thursday, September 18, 2008

Sauce, basil, and no cheese: Jianetto's Pizza Truck

For four girls meeting up for lunch in midtown Manhattan, pizza off a truck was the order of the day. XJS had less than an hour to get back to her office, and JL wanted to try Jianetto's after reading the review on Midtown Lunch.
I met JL at the small plaza in front of the truck, and somehow she was already bearing a full pie.
As well as an order of Sicilian rice balls, broken up and covered in sauce…
…which came with garlic knots. Once XJS arrived and MH secured us drinks, it didn't take long for the four of us to dig in.
Here's my slice. Doesn't look too remarkable, does it? Unfortunately, its taste matched its appearance. From reading the review, I knew not to expect much cheese (if at all), but I didn't expect the pizza to taste so much like a cheap breadstick spread with sweet marinara. I didn't mind the cheese-lessness and the whole leaves of basil were a nice touch, but I wanted dough with more character beneath that sauce. As for the rice balls and garlic knots, they were fine, but not mind-blowing. With limited time in one of the best cities to eat, I was underwhelmed by the experience, and so was JL.

At least it was fast….

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