Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Lamazou: A small, homey shop with big taste

Pate sandwich from Lamazou
While running errands, I passed by Lamazou in Murray Hill. People had been urging me to check out this tiny cheese and sandwich shop for a long time, among them JSK and my brother, so I stopped in to pick up a quickie lunch. There was a bewildering variety of options on the menu, with full and half sizes for each; with the help of the friendly counterman, I went with country pate and cornichons on a ciabatta roll. The sandwich came to a little over six dollars for a half. It seemed small at first, but soon proved itself to be the perfect size as I made my way through the pile of rich pate on chewy, fluffy bread while I walked. I could have used more cornichons; they were a good addition, brightening the whole with their crisp, tart bite, but there weren't many. Next time I'll try one of their numerous combination sandwiches, such as the "Smart Duck," listed on the menu as smoked duck breast paired with brie and cornichons. Anyone have a favorite sandwich to recommend from this place?

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  1. the egg salad is good (has gorgonzola in it??!!), the duck sandwich is indeed delish, and the smoked salmon one with capers is good as well. but I like to make my own, and the best I had was their roast beef (perfectly tender and delish) on ciabatta, with roast peppers, harissa, and smoked mozz. thy also have a nice horseradish that you could easily swap for the harissa.