Thursday, October 30, 2008

India's Rice 'n' Spice

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Around my parents' way there are a ton of Indian grocery stores, and where I lived in Astoria, Queens there were several small markets around too. In Fort Collins, it seems there's only one—it's a good thing I happened to bike past it.
India's Rice 'n' Spice is a pretty good size, and if it carried fresh produce and sold homemade samosas at the register it would be pretty much exactly what I'm used to. I came home with two packets of frozen paratha, a bag of potato/gram flour snack mix, a roll of "nutty" cookies, and a roll of pistachio-cardamom cookies.
I pan-fried one of the paratha that night; it was flecked with mint (pudina) and was good as a midnight snack.
The next day, I cracked an egg over the paratha after the first side was toasted, and then rolled it up into a makeshift kati roll. I didn't have anything else to throw in there but some sriracha hot sauce, so it ended up being something like an Indian-flavored Chinese egg pancake. Mmm.

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