Thursday, October 2, 2008

Pass the eggs, cheese, and bread

Eggs and provolone on toast
Now that I am a full-time graduate student, my eating lifestyle has changed quite dramatically. Restaurants have all but disappeared from the scene. The urge to roast entire chickens or bake elaborate cakes has decreased in direct proportion to my income (pennies), free time (reading and writing trumps cooking), and people to share meals with ("Eat? I'm poor/I'm studying/I'm grading"). I spend most days preparing my own meals, but what I make tends to be cheap and simple.
Pepper jack, scallion, and olives on toast IMG_8485
Eggs and provolone on toast IMG_9106
Which brings me to eggs, cheese, and bread. I shamefully admit that I ate some variation of these three for nearly the entire first two weeks after I moved to Fort Collins. After that I became more attentive to my meals, but with all that was going on then, it felt so much easier to toast up bread and slice up cheese, fry an egg or two in a pan, and think about food no further. For variety I'd alternate between pepper jack and swiss; throw on some olives or scallions or chopped jalapeƱos; lay the eggs on top of rice instead of toast; spread on a tablespoon of Branston Pickle for a sandwich. (You'll be relieved to know that after the first week, at least, I started baking my own loaves.) Eggs, cheese, and bread. The trinity; my saviors.
Pepper jack, scallion, and olives on toast
Thankfully, as things settled down, I started exploring some of the small groceries and farmer's markets in my town, and as a result I began cooking again too. Nothing fancy, mind you. But certainly more than laying a slice of shrink-wrapped provolone on packaged bread for the toaster oven. Still, if anyone has a favorite cheeseandegg/eggandbread/breadandcheese/eggbreadandcheese combination, I'd love to hear it!


  1. Don' t be ashamed, that's a good meal! I used to lay sliced tomatoes on toasted bread and cover them with cheese, then broil or toast until cheese bubbled, and lay a soft-yolked egg on top. It's got all the food groups and it warms the tummy.

  2. Rachel, that sounds delicious. I should think about adding on tomatoes and switching up how I make the eggs. I like your reasoning that it has all the food groups!