Monday, October 20, 2008

Mayo and sriracha overload at Roll Cafe

I was having sushi cravings, but I had no idea where to go. People had mentioned a few good Japanese restaurants to me, but I didn't feel like going to a sit-down place and having a meal for one. So when I came across a review of Roll Cafe in The Coloradoan, I decided to hop on my bike to check it out. About five miles later, I pedaled into a huge strip mall/plaza, chained up in front, and after looking over the menu for a while, ordered two rolls and a drink. I meant to eat in the cafe, but it was empty and a little bit depressing so back I went on my bike to eat in my apartment instead.
IMG_8384 IMG_8385
Though I was trying to go for variety, I made the mistake of ordering both a spicy tuna roll and a spicy California roll. They turned out to be exactly the same. Both were thick with spicy mayo—mixed in with the tuna/krab and squirted again all over the outside—and they were both spicier than I expected. After a while, all I could taste was sriracha and mayonnaise, and I felt kind of sick. Two rolls is really too much for me anyway.

If this place were closer to me, I might go back to try something in the non-spicy-mayo category. For now, unless I'm in the area, I'd rather check out some other places first.

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