Saturday, October 18, 2008

A salad doppelgänger at Avogadro's Number

That's a suitably mystical depiction of that chem whiz Avogadro, don't you think? More frequently called just "Avo's", Avogadro's Number is a combination cafe/bar/entertainment venue that's popular with a number of my classmates, especially for their Tuesday open mic and two-for-one tempeh burger deal. Having heard about it several times already since arrival, MC and I ventured there for dinner before catching a Galactic concert at The Aggie.
The salad I ordered kind of reminded me of the salad MH and I shared at Coop's Place in New Orleans. Though this features chicken and the other one had shrimp, both included flavorful, seasoned protein and melted bits of shredded cheese, both had a long list of canned and fresh ingredients (fresh: lettuce, mushrooms, onions, red peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes, sprouts; canned: black olives, banana peppers), and both were served with the hot, cooked chicken/shrimp layered on top of the cool elements with even the layout of the veg similar. The only major difference, I think, was that the salad here came with half a bagel (more "round bread" than anything nearly like "bagel") and the one at Coop's Place had hard-boiled eggs. Not too shabby.

The other thing I should say is that the place has an amusing atmosphere. Just look at this interior:
What's going on here?

After Avo's we had a pint at Coopersmith's before the concert—I was in the mood for another taste of green chili beer.
Had to pave the way for this fine beverage, after all.

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