Friday, October 10, 2008

Walnut Cafe: Home-style food, depending on the home

CH and I, on our way to an afternoon on Boulder's Pearl Street, stopped in to fuel up at Walnut Cafe, a cheery little restaurant located in a strip mall. It was rainy and cold outside, and a good, warm breakfast seemed like just the thing.

I wasn't that hungry, though, and we were also trying to learn from when we had ended up overeating at Lucile's. So we decided to split one dish instead of getting two, especially because the Quiche of the Day—artichoke, olives, and mushroom—was described as being a full quarter. With it, we chose blueberry cornbread and fruit salad.
I really wanted to like the food more than I did. The quiche wasn't bad, but the filling had taken on sort of an unappetizing hue from its ingredients, and its flavors just didn't seem to meld as well as they could have. The cornbread and fruit salad were okay. For both presentation and taste I would have been satisfied had I thrown the meal together myself, but for something I was paying for in a restaurant, I expected more. After all, when you go to a place for home cooking, you want it to be great home cooking.

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