Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Asian grocery fix: East West Imports

East West Imports is probably the closest Asian market to me, just around the east side of campus. It's a funny place that offers a combination of groceries, cooking classes, language classes, and gift items.
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IMG_8472 IMG_8471
Their grocery selection is surprisingly extensive for the space—the market area is small, but the shelves are packed. It has the usual selection of condiments, snacks, teas, and dried goods, and a refrigerated section on the side offers items like frozen dumplings, ice-cream filled mochi, or wonton wrappers. There also seem to be some more obscure Japanese items, which I didn't recognize. Prices are a bit higher than the Vietnamese grocery I went to in Denver, but that's to be expected.
Overall, this place is a good option and I'm happy it's in town!

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