Sunday, November 9, 2008

Soggy bottom tacos, not boys, at La Luz

While we were out a bar one night, my fellow classmate RM, a native of Fort Collins, started ticking off a bunch of restaurants that he thought were the best in this city. He practically salivated at the mention of La Luz Mexican Grill, and I noted to myself that I would have to check it out.
With CH a few months later, I stopped in for lunch at the Old Town location (right next to Rasta Pasta) to have the fish tacos. The grilled fish came topped with "salsa blanca, cheese, spicy onions, shredded cabbage, salsa fresca, and lime," and I requested they come with flour tortillas instead of corn and with extra guacamole. Disappointingly, when they arrived the bottoms of my tacos were soaked through with liquid from the salsa, making them impossible to pick up. Once I tackled them with a knife and fork, though, the flavors and quality of the fish were quite good, despite the soggy tortillas. I spooned on some extra salsa and corn relish from the salsa bar and felt quite satisfied, but next time, I'll try a burrito.


  1. Sog is my ultimate arch-enemy. Redundant? Yes, it was. But that's how much Sog and I don't get along. Just last week I ordered a burger that came on garlic bread. The Sog had begun to encroach, forcing me to set the bread aside and eat my burger with a fork. You'd understand how big a deal that is if you knoew just how deeply I love garlic bread. Just the idea of soggy things makes me shudder. I'm so sorry about your icky taco experience. It's always so disappointing when something like that happens.

  2. Rachel, I so agree. I'm glad you feel my pain!