Monday, January 12, 2009

Cure for what ails you: Tower Diner

After a night out, there's nothing I love more than going out the next morning for breakfast at a diner. I'm a fan of diners in general; there's something soothingly consistent about them. No matter which one it is, I know there will be ketchup bottles and sugar packets on the table, omelettes and pancakes on the menu, and mugs of piping hot black coffee delivered posthaste. If I've walked into there with a hangover, it takes a lot for me to walk out of it uncured.
Tower Diner is the closest one to MH's apartment, and JL met us there after figuring out that we were nearby. Indeed, the coffee was hot and omelettes were on the menu—but unfortunately, the egg white, feta, and spinach version I ordered was much too salty, to the point where I could only eat about half before calling it a day. I suppose I could have sent it back, but I was in a lazy mood and contented myself with eating the home fries and toast with butter and jelly instead. Being in a diner alone was enough to keep me satisfied.


  1. Awww, I'm sad you didn't like this place. It's my go-to... and not to be stalkerish, but I'm confused that you got off to go to your friend's place at 63rd Drive but wound up here. There are other diners... well, I don't know exactly where your friend is (obviously, I'm not THAT creepy!) but I'm pretty sure there are other diners much closer to 63rd Drive.

  2. I'd love some suggestions (if you know them) for diners closer to 63rd! My friend is at 64th Ave so it was about a 6-7 block walk to Tower, not too bad. Tower was just the only one I knew of, since it's near my brother's place, and I remembered having pretty good food there. The salt-flavored omelette was a surprise.

  3. There's Forest Diner on 108th Street and... 64th- not entirely sure - which has good fries (if I recall correctly) and was frequented by my sister when she attended FHHS, though I would guess Tower is a little bit closer to FHHS. Personally I'm a Georgia girl but that's not close-walking distance (walkable though because I did it a lot back in the jobless days, to save $4)... there's also a diner behind Tower that I've passed by but dismissed because it looked really small. I'll have to take a peek again one day when I'm out and about :)
    (Also, totally not a diner, and I've only been once, but I kind of like the Sichuan place that's across QB from Tower... I forget the name but it's a yellow awning with red lettering, hard to miss when you're standing outside Tower. We had a couple of dishes and the only miss was the chicken fried rice, which was also the only ... "takeout" style food we ordered, BF's request obviously lol)

  4. Ooh, I will check out that Sichuan place...well, the next time I'm back in NYC, that is. Thanks for your suggestions!