Tuesday, January 20, 2009

For Santa, better than cookies and milk

Like me with my blog posts, my friends are tardy. Tardy with gift-giving, that is, seeing as how we didn't hold our Secret Santa exchange until nearly two weeks after Christmas had passed.
IMG_0456 IMG_0457
IMG_0458 IMG_0473
SH generously offered to host the twelve of us at her apartment, and she even made all the food. Above, guacamole and chips; bruschetta; artichoke and spinach dip; pasta with sausage and peas. Let me just say, SH is excellent at fixin' up grub.
She also made mini burgers with red onion, pickle slices, caramelized onions, and homemade chipotle mayo to top 'em with. Plus a huge crock of Swedish meatballs, which I didn't catch a photo of.
For dessert TC had picked up three darling little cakes from Two Little Red Hens: red velvet, chocolate, and cheesecake. The last was softer and fluffier than I liked (I prefer cheesecakes denser), but the other two were pretty good, really heavy on the frosting, which is probably a thumbs-up for many.

Then it was on to the gift exchange. Among the food-related gifts swapped this year were a tabletop burner and hotpot/shabu-shabu kit; a maple-wood cutting board; a fondue set (for me); a giant variety-pack of snack-sized chip bags; a set of scotch glasses along with a nearly empty bottle of Glenlivet; and breast milk from a Cambodian immigrant. A pretty good—if questionable—hoard, if you ask me.

Say what? you're thinking. Breast milk? Cambodian?

Um…you don't want to know, okay?


  1. The breast milk from a Cambodian woman didn't give me pause, it was the nearly empty bottle of Glenlivet, wth? Haha I'm a little sad for me that I get the breast milk reference - it's a Dave Chappelle skit riffing on P.Diddy's show, don't ask me what the P.Diddy show was (or if P.Diddy really did ask for breast milk to begin with).

  2. Wow, I totally didn't know the reference; now I've added in a link so my friends don't seem like weird pervs. Whew!