Monday, January 19, 2009

A strange cup: Cocoa Bar

As romantic as it seemed, something about this place just didn't sit right with me.

After dinner at Pho So 1 the four of us made our way to Cocoa Bar randomly, simply because it was one of the closest dessert places in the area. The place was nearly empty, and right from the beginning things felt sort of off. It began with the high prices and numerous unavailable items, continued with misdelivered orders and concern about the freshness of the desserts; and ended with some (possibly intentional?) miscalculated charges on the bill. And throughout the course of the night the owner exhibited odd, awkward behavior that did nothing to make the place feel cozier. I can't explain it—he just seemed chummy in a way that didn't feel chummy at all.
We tried to enjoy ourselves despite, and I did appreciate my spicy dark hot chocolate for its balanced level of heat and sweetness and good ingredients. TL seemed to really like his chocolate truffle cake, too. But both JL and LB were put off by the gelato and brownie dessert, and I think we were all put off by the vibe of the place overall. I think it's safe to say that Cocoa Bar isn't a place to which I plan on returning.

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