Sunday, March 1, 2009

Portfolio: Hot pizza on a cold day

I'd passed Portfolio a thousand times, but it wasn't until I made a lunch date with MW there at the suggestion of TL that I finally stepped inside.

Unfortunately, without a cover over the entrance to shield the interior of the one-room restaurant from the frigid wind blowing in from outside, I could barely concentrate on anything at first but getting warm. MW and I both opted for to go for pizza, she with a sausage version and I with the "Pizza de Parma," which came topped with sauce, mozzarella, parma ham, and arugula. It was fine, but I think I would have preferred for the arugula to be just slightly more integrated with the rest of the pizza—slightly wilted, maybe, or intermingled with the ham. This was a margherita pie with cold toppings added on later, and while that may be a particular style, I just wanted something piping hot through and through. Should have thought of that before ordering, I guess.

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