Sunday, March 8, 2009

Way to brew: Blomus Teastick

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When I'm at home there is nearly always a cup of tea at my elbow, whether I'm at my desk in front of the computer, at the dining table with a proofreading project, or on the couch in front of the television. Most of the time, it's loose leaf green tea that I'm sipping; there's just nothing like a fragrant hot cup of the stuff to get me through my day.

A few months ago TL sent me a surprise in the mail: the Floz Design 'Utilo' Teastick for Blomus, a sleek and attractive little gadget. Press down on the top to reveal a little pocket for loose tea, fill it up, and pop the slim metal stick into a cup of hot water. Swirl it around to let water pass through the perforations and voila, your tea is ready.
While the tea takes a little longer to steep and there is some limitation to how much the leaves can freely expand, I do like the neatness of the teastick. It keeps floating leaves from sticking to my lips and makes for easy cleanup, too. Thanks TL!


  1. I just realized I should have made the title "A stick to steep and stir." Ah well.

  2. I have to get myself one of those! Do you have any recommendations for loose leaf green tea? I'm always looking but haven't found the exact type I think would be a regular

  3. Yvo, I'm partial to sencha green tea or genmaicha, the kind with roasted brown rice kernels in it. I don't know too much about other types, though.