Saturday, April 25, 2009

Spring Break Shenanigans, Part 5: Farmer's Table, Han Kang Korean Restaurant

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The morning TL was due to fly back to NYC, we sat down to breakfast at Farmer's Table, whereupon he casually mentioned that if we left early enough, we could eat another meal of Korean food in Aurora. My kind of thinking! TL's flight wasn't until 4:30 pm, so even though it meant we'd be eating breakfast and then eating lunch only an hour or two later, that's exactly what we ended up doing.
But first, there was breakfast. Along with a fried egg and a sausage patty, I ordered the pancake of the month—whole grain with toasted almonds, and served with almond butter—but it turned out I wasn't fond of the crunchy almond slices on the bottom (I guess I like my pancakes to be soft and fluffy through and through). And though I usually never put syrup on my pancakes, I ended up pouring and pouring from the little carafe on the table, not because I really liked the syrup, but because no matter how much I poured the pancakes didn't seem to taste any sweeter. It was definitely a strange experience.

I ended up eating only half the pancake anyway. Had to save room for Korean food, after all.
I took a bite of TL's "Farmer's Benedict," though, which was pretty good. The bacon was thick and crisp, and I really liked the hash browns too.
After running a few last-minute errands, it was off to Aurora. As it turns out, Aurora is a bit farther from Fort Collins than we knew, so we ended up with less time to eat than we anticipated. No matter—we walked into Han Kang Korean Restaurant, a few doors down from Seoul BBQ, looked quickly at the menu, and ordered. And because we had mentioned to the waitress that we were in a hurry, the panchan came out in just a few minutes.

By the way, though Han Kang and Seoul BBQ are practically neighbors, they couldn't have been more different in atmosphere. Han Kang is a small, home-grown joint with worn furniture and a television tuned to a Korean channel in the corner; Seoul BBQ is large, sleek, and modern-looking, as I mentioned. It's a total switch in vibe.
I went for the spicy seafood bibimbap, which came out in a hot stone bowl that gave the rice a crispy crust on the bottom, and was chock full of squid as well as diced onion and zucchini. This is my kind of comfort food.
TL got another order of bulgogi, which was less heavily sauced than the version at Seoul BBQ, and seemed pretty happy with it. Because the food came out so quickly, too, we managed to finish our meal within a half hour, and the waitress was prompt with picking up the check and giving us our change.

We got to the airport without any trouble, and then it was time for me to brave the road alone again, for the drive back to Fort Collins. Spring break was officially over.

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