Thursday, June 25, 2009

Cantina Grill: Airport food that's worse than airplane food

Fort Collins is about an hour away from the closest major airport, which means that when I'm trying to fly out somewhere, I either have to brave the shuttle (which is expensive and takes twice as long as driving straight) or beg a friend to drop me off. As luck would have it, KS was taking her father and sister to the airport on the same day I was flying out to San Francisco, so I managed to hitch a ride…the only catch being that I would arrive seven hours early for my flight.

But if you're going to spend seven hours in an airport, Denver International is definitely not a bad one to loiter in. Free WiFi, lots of outlets to plug into, lots of seats and tables, lots of water fountains, lots of natural light. What it does lack (at least in Concourse B) are some good food options. I had some hopes for Wolfgang Puck Express, but once I saw the limp, pre-packaged sandwiches and salads sitting in the cold cases, I just couldn't bring myself to do it.

What I ended up with, however, was probably worse. I chose to get a pulled pork bowl from Cantina Grill, where the servers were so surly that they made me hate my food even before I tasted it. Once I actually did, I found the meat so tough and the whole thing so inedibly salty that I gave up and threw it out after just a few bites. What a waste of everything—I'm never getting food from Cantina Grill again. Even McDonald's or Taco Bell would have been miles better.

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