Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Mona's Restaurant: A brunch worth waiting for?

After a long night out in Denver filled with cocktails, beers, and jazz, it was time for a recuperative breakfast. MR and her boyfriend TS led us to Mona's Restaurant, a place with a Leonardo da Vinci menu theme, a giant pair of crossed legs dangling from the facade, and a giant mural of the Mona Lisa painted on the side of the building. The place was popular enough to have a line out the door.
After perusing the menu, which was filled with so many delicious-sounding items I had a hard time deciding what to order, I settled on Da Vinci's Crab Cake Florentine: poached eggs on top of sauteed spinach and crab cakes, served with orange-chipotle hollandaise and their house potatoes. Normally the sauce would come on top of the eggs, but I'm still wary when it comes to hollandaise, so I requested it come on the side. Upon tasting it, I was glad I did; the flavor was limp and heavy.

The crab cakes, while saltier and heavier on the grease than seemed necessary, had a decent amount of crabmeat in them and made a good match with the perfectly poached egg. The "sauteed spinach" was more like a garnish of raw leaves wilted from the heat of the crab cakes. The accompanying potatoes were good—well seasoned, fluffy within, and crisp on the outside—but I was confused by the nearly raw hunks of red onion and green pepper I found dispersed through them.

In short, though that morning the restorative properties of a hearty, greasy breakfast were welcome, Mona's Restaurant was nothing to get excited about.

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