Friday, July 10, 2009

A fruity frozen yogurt Daydream

After dinner at Stand, TL and I met with LB and JL for a post-burger dessert. They took us to Daydream, a frozen yogurt joint they had discovered recently and enjoyed. The shop has a pretty different look than the Pinkberry/Red Mango-type places.
See? (Day)dreamy.
Aside from the option for "creamy" or "icy" frozen yogurt, Daydream's array of fruit dust toppings is the most obvious thing that sets the place apart. TL and I split a medium-sized, plain-flavored, icy frozen yogurt and asked for our usual toppings of mochi and blueberries along with a shake of strawberry dust. I regret to say that the dust didn't really do much for the experience—the flavor just didn't register—but the yogurt/mochi/blueberry combo was as good as any I'd had elsewhere. I'm not too fussy about my frozen yogurt: Red Mango has a slight edge on Pinkberry for me, but really I like them all. Can someone please open one of these places in Fort Collins?

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