Sunday, November 8, 2009

"Bondi Beach Bar: Australia by way of Colorado"

IMG_4973 IMG_4977 IMG_4972 IMG_4978
Dear Blog,

I miss you. I don't know when we will be reunited. It looks like that won't happen until the end of the semester. All my intentions to post once a week have turned out to be wicked lies, and I apologize.

But I can offer a sort-of recent dining profile, which is here. Ignore the weird and inappropriate hyphenation, or just imagine a robotic voice is reading it aloud. Also, forgive me.

Up to her neck in school,


  1. regardless, that salad right there looks awesome! and . . . fancy sliders? i really really wanna eat a burger on a pretzel roll. so badly.

    the faithful readers will be waiting!

  2. "must not . . . allow words . . . longer than . . . seven let-let-let-lettttters . .asd las diwnf ibvo ibob fb l4it rzgi nsdit hZDF ST GA"

    tar tar binks. hahahaha!