Wednesday, February 20, 2008

It's not imitation, it's flattery

After only ten minutes at Grassroots Tavern, MH and I decided that we needed something sweet to follow our respective dinners. At the end of the block, the folks at Very Berry dished up frozen yogurt obviously similar to the ever-popular Pinkberry, down to the little cubes of cornstarch-dusted sweet mochi sitting on top of my small plain yogurt.
Small plain yogurt with mango and mochi, Very Berry
Tastewise, Very Berry's plain flavor is identical to Pinkberry's, and so are the toppings. But Very Berry offers blueberry and strawberry flavors in addition to their plain and green tea, and it's also a bit cheaper.

On our way back to the bar, merrily consuming our frozen yogurt, we passed construction and a sign announcing Pinkberry's imminent arrival just three or four doors away. I wonder what will happen to Very Berry when it opens?


  1. There's a place called Red Mango sporting the same stuff too. One opened on the north side of 14th street near 6th Ave. There is a pinkberry scheduled to open on the opposite corner, south side of 14th st. Really, I don't like any of them.

  2. We have a Pink Berry coming soon to a mall here in Southern California. My sister says she hears great things about them. I am new to this blogging community and world. You have a nice site! I am a girl who just LOVES food myself. Check out my post when you have a chance.