Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A wedge on a whim

While I was browsing the selection at Fairway several days ago, the distinctive appearance of this Morbier cheese caught my eye and I decided to pick up a hunk.

Morbier—creamy, fruity, pleasantly stinky—is traditionally made with the leftover curds from other cheeses. The dark line running through the middle comes from the layer of ash that prevents the evening curds from forming a rind before the morning curds are added the next day. Apparently nowadays this line is purely decorative, but Morbier, along with some crusty bread, makes for a delicious dinner anyway.


  1. nice ... is that the same bread as from a couple posts back? or did you make a new loaf?

  2. I made a new loaf! Less cute than the one I posted about though. Sob.