Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A sweet to sweeten business

Chocolate-covered marshmallow
I've been at my current job for about four years now. Sweets show up often in my workplace—there are cupcakes for birthdays, donuts for meetings, and piles of homemade cookies for when the editors take on the slush pile. There are also the sweets that come in as gifts and thank-yous: near Christmas, one author always delivers several varieties of biscotti, and another sends on tins of extremely potent rum balls, thereby ensuring that the entire office is a little tipsy for an afternoon. And every Valentine's Day, one of our vendors gives my department a box of hand-dipped, chocolate-covered marshmallows.
Chocolate-covered marshmallow innards
Sneaky, sneaky…this time, the milk chocolate shell hid not just a square of marshmallow, but also a thick layer of bright raspberry jelly.


  1. Hey good job on the site - it constantly makes me hungry, so I would say, mission accomplished!

  2. Man, I don't even like marshmallows and that pic looks yummy.