Sunday, February 10, 2008

Salmon, not salmonella

Ready for eats
I was talking to RT today about how I don't often cook meat—along with its cost, and its toll on the environment, I'm just not crazy about its smell when raw and the cold, slippery feel of it. Plus, I always feel like I'm spreading bacteria all over my kitchen whenever I tackle the stuff.

But I do cook fish. For some reason I find sea creatures easier to handle than, y'know, land beasts. This particular salmon recipe has an extremely short list of ingredients (salmon fillets, miso paste, chopped garlic) and an almost-as-short list of directions (thin out the miso with water, slather that and garlic over the salmon, let marinate, pan-fry, serve). When I have scallions I'll use those instead of garlic, which is good too. And I imagine you could thin out the miso with soy sauce, or sake, or some other flavorful liquid instead of just plain water, but I haven't experimented much with that. The slaw underneath is another super simple dish: shredded cabbage marinated overnight in rice wine vinegar and a bit o' sugar and salt.

These are both sort of old standards for me because they're dead easy and tasty. Neither are particularly refined, so generally I just make them for solo weeknight dinners, but I've also served the salmon on short notice for guests since I usually have the ingredients on hand and it's quick. With a pot of rice and some steamed veg on the side, miso salmon is served!


  1. I don't eat beef, pork ,and shellfish
    just chicken and fish.Salmon tastes really good and most dishes with salmon are delicious. You can bake bbq or saute either way you come out with a good meal.

  2. i was a veg for 10 years.

    since i've made a profession of cooking, and i've been put in a position to more or less have to eat meat, i have gone with all organic/USDA prime/seafood products.

    i agree, so much safer. it looks like a lovely recipe. i would love it with a harissa rubbed grilled salmon and a homemade kimchi type dish underneath (health benefits galore!) and maybe some sort of couscous cooked with veg stock? anyways, lovely blog, lovely entry. cheers!