Friday, May 2, 2008

Making (nothing) with Murray's

The selection of cheeses at the Making With Murray's class held at Murray's Cheese Shop. I'd taken both a Cheese 101 class and done a cave tour here, and I was excited to be actually creating some of the stinky stuff myself. When I registered, the description indicated that five students would be getting a chance to make fresh ricotta and mozzarella—so why did I walk in to find a tasting plate sitting in front of me?
It turns out that unbeknownst to me, the format of the Making With Murray's class had changed into that of a twenty-five-person tasting with a demonstration. The cost of the class hadn't changed though (this one was $75 instead of their usual $50, which I had paid when I initially registered). I suppose you could argue that the cheesemaking kit we received offset the extra cost, but without the benefits of a hands-on experience and focused instruction, Making With Murray's had essentially become a regular tasting class combined with the purchase of a kit that I didn't want. The length of the class had changed too, with the end time set a half hour later than previously indicated.

I like the classes at Murray's, but it's worth it to check again to make sure you're getting what you signed up for. And don't expect any explanation for unannounced changes—my queries to Murray's about the situation have gone unanswered.

EDIT, 5.8.08
There is a second part to this story! Read about it here: Making (up) with Murray's

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