Thursday, May 8, 2008

Making (up) with Murray's

Murray's Cheese, Bleeker Street location
If you remember my post about the experience I had with the Making with Murray's class at Murray's Cheese Shop, here's an update! A few days ago I finally received an email from Taylor—the Classroom Coordinator at Murray's—with "My Sincerest Apologies" as the subject heading. After apologizing for not responding earlier, she (very thoroughly) answered all of my concerns, some of which I realize had come out of my own misunderstanding. When I looked at the description again, I could see how while it could be read as being a hands-on class (when AT had emailed it to several of us, we had all made the same assumption), it had also really never stated that the class would be as such. As for the five person vs. twenty person bit, I think I had misunderstood the idea of "five spots remaining" as "five spots total."

Oh, don't say it.
I know I'm a moron.

But then! Despite much of the issue being due to my own careless reading, Taylor very graciously invited me (and a guest) back for another class. I passed it up at first since I felt like it was my own fault, but she wrote back again and shoot, it's cheese, am I really supposed to resist CHEESE? So yah. I'm goin' back. Murray's, you've won me again with your stinky, nutty charm.


  1. It's always great to hear about good service!

  2. I've been dying to go to a cheese class here (101) and am delighted to hear you've been! How was 101? (I read both parts of the story, too) And that is good customer service, glad to hear it! Ooh!

  3. I liked Cheese 101 a lot. I read your entry about your Artisanal experience and was going to comment that the Murray's classes seem better managed and organized, and the instructors have generally been pretty engaging. A much better bet, and way cheaper too!