Thursday, June 19, 2008

The raw and the cooked: San Soo Kap San

Nope, the contents of that bowl aren't about to be tossed in a pan for a stir-fry. Above is an order of yukhwe bibimbap, raw marinated beef with a raw egg yolk and assorted veg, meant to be consumed as-is. Consider it a rice-heavy Korean sibling to the French steak tartare.

We were at the Northern Boulevard San Soo Kap San a few weeks ago, after MH's graduation from law school. I had been aiming for the hwe deopbap, which I had first tried at the restaurant's Flushing branch and which I had eaten at Sura, but I went for the yukhwe bibimbap when I couldn't find the Korean sashimi bowl on the menu. The raw beef bowl turned out to be a decent choice. To eat it I threw in a bowl of hot rice, spooned gochujang over it, and mixed it all up into a sort of rice/raw beef salad. The raw beef is a little chewy and slightly sweet from its marinade, and the slivers of firm, juicy korean pear mingled with the rice, meat, and veg were a nice surprise.
IMG_4794.JPG IMG_4803.JPG
I think this place is also known for its sam geup sal, barbecued pieces of unmarinated pork belly served with the usual accompaniments. But the four of us opted to put bulgogi on the grill instead, which we scarfed up in packets of lettuce, rice, and fermented soybean paste.
Afterwards small bowls of a cold, sweet broth were brought out, tasting of cinnamon and dates; a perfectly refreshing end to the meal. For three years of accomplishment: congratulations MH!

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  1. hwe-dup-bop is the bomb. korean chirashi, sorta? kang suh and dae-dong are ol' reliables but I am looking for some new hwe-dup-bops out there